Chillers And Chilled Water Systems by Kaung Htat Nyunt (Download PDF files below cover image)

Chiller And Chilled Water System by Kaung Htat Nyunt


Chapter 01 Introduction

Chapter 02 Vapor Compression Fundamental    
Chapter 03 Vapor Compression Cycle Theory and Calculation    
Chapter 04 Refrigerant    
Chapter-05 Heat Exchanger    
Chapter-06 Overview of Chillers    
Chapter-07 Evaporators and Condensers    
Chapter-08 Capacity Control of Refrigeration System    
Chapter-09 Compressors    
Chapter-10 Auxiliary Devices    
Chapter-11 Chiller Starter and Safety Controls    
Chapter-12 Oil in Refrigerant Circuits    
Chapter-13 Reciprocating Compressors and Chillers    
Chapter-14 Screw Compressors and Chillers    
Chapter-15 Centrifugal Compressors and Chillers    
Chapter-16 Scroll Compressors and Chillers    
Chapter-17 Chiller Control    
Chapter-18 Chiller Performance Rating    
Chapter-19 Design Processes and Chillers Selection    
Chapter-20 Efficiency and Energy Saving    
Chapter-21 Servicing and Maintenance    
Chapter-22 Water Treatment